Uberabão Stadium is the stadium that Triângulo Mineiro Football Club will hold their matches Mineiro Championship and games Friendlies National and International.

Stadium Engineer João Guido, or fondly and popularly known as Uberabão, it was inaugurated on June 10, 1972, with all the pomp and circumstance, with the initial game, leading Brazilian team (without Pelé, who had fired the selection in the previous year) X Brazilian National Olympic. The result was 2-1 for the main Brazilian selection. Rivelino scored the first goal, Zé Carlos equalized for Olympic selection and Jairzinho gave final numbers to the match.

The dream of our city has a stadium worthy of great games and shows not realized from day to night. It was 10 years for this consolidation, starting with 1962, when the president of Uberaba Sport Club, Dr. Edgard Rodrigues da Cunha, acquired the site of the former Chácara dos Pereiras and started the construction of the sports field, in principle , it would be intended for USC. For lack of understanding of the board, not continued the work. In 1968, the mayor João Guido enthused with the project, Dr. Edgard donated the land to the municipality and the work resumed. From this donation, the stadium started to be city under the municipal responsibility.

It was up to the mayor Arnaldo Rosa Prata the completion of works and the inauguration of the stadium.

Until 1982, it was the second largest stadium Minas Gerais, but lost that position with the construction of Estádio João Havelange / Parque do Sabiá in Uberlândia.

In these almost 37 years, the Brazilian football has changed a lot, the interior of the clubs have many difficulties to assemble large squads and both Uberaba Sport when Nacional falls within that context, but the Majestic Uberabão is there to be the stage major football shows.