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2016 promises to be a year of excellence for Triângulo Mineiro F.C. The board of TMFC is preparing a new structure in its Uberaba Training Center for the opening of their little school Talent Perfect for your future star players 7 to 12 years old. This event is planned for very soon, wait.
Dear reader, The Triângulo Mineiro F.C. It has the great pleasure to announce you that his team of professionals are working in full force to mount Academy Talent Perfect for training your future athletes 13 to 14 years. This event will take place shortly. If you dream to be a playmaker Triângulo Mineiro F.C. stay tuned, we're coming.
International News
Our international department is pleased to announce that Triângulo Mineiro F.C. is seeking to partner with clubs in Europe to structure their teams sub15, U17, U20 and professional.
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